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Welcome to the Military Cheat Codes — we explore the lesser-discussed topics of military leadership, mentorship, and how things work. We will delve into topics relevant to today’s warfighters through discussions, interviews, book reviews and more. 

While our views and opinions are our own and do not reflect the official policy of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government, this website is our good-faith attempt at growing as leaders and hopefully exploring topics that will help other service members survive and thrive in the modern military milieu. 

These are the tricks and tips to thrive and survive in and out of the military. #surviveandthrive

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Feedback is so Critical Even Your Boss Needs It Too

“Examine what is said and not who speaks.”  — African Proverb Feedback fuels successful organizations and teams as it is the lubricant that keeps processes at peak performance.  Conversations, either formal or informal, regarding team performance can happen at any time but its criticality is vital with the honest and free flow of information, either …

About Us

About Us
Military Cheat Codes is a not affiliated with the any military organization in the world and operates with full-faith intent to educate and mentor those military members looking to improve their personal and professional lives.  

In an attempt to further honest conversation, our entire staff operates with their Callsigns (or military nicknames) to preserve Operational Security (OPSEC) and to protect individuals from sensitive matters.

Our entire staff has various years of military training, education, and operational experiences, but we are always expanding our aperture on issues affecting those actively or previously serving.

Meet the creative energy of our Team and the Guests that join us to further the discussion.  What we lack in numbers is eclipsed by our passion on these topics.

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