We Need Your Help!  Record our Disclaimer.

We Need Your Help!  Record our Disclaimer.

Our disclaimer is something for each show that reminds our listeners that Military Cheat Codes is presented with the opinions and views of our team.  For each episode we have a different person read the standard disclaimer … and this is where we need your help!  If you are interested in helping us, follow the following steps…

1.  Find our disclaimer text …

Military Cheat Codes is not affiliated with the United States Department of Defense, its Services, nor any part of the United States Government or any foreign Government Entity. The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect the official policy of the Department of Defense. So if you need to call to complain to someone, call us — don’t waste some poor service member’s time. However, this show is our good-faith effort to learn more about topics relevant to today’s military leaders and provide true mentorship to those in our community.

2.  Record yourself reading this script using any various recording software.  Put your own spin on this script.  Make it your own.  Add your own flare.

3.  Email  your name, nickname/callsign, and the file (in mp3, m4a, etc format) to info@militarycheatcodes.com.  We will collect the good ones and add them to the show.

Good luck and thank you for helping us out.